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Highly recommended!

I took my 4 year old for an appointment with Dr. O'Rear because his eye had started to turn in. She was amazing. The staff was amazing and so helpful. They were great at calming him down and getting him to cooperate, which isn't always easy! They didn't mind that I was chasing my 1 year old around while he was getting his eyes checked either. When we went to pick out his glasses, the optical shop staff were so helpful! Not a single one looked at us without a smile on their face. The lady that helped us pick his glasses was awesome. She educated us on which size was appropriate for his face. After reading about the fit of glasses, I've learned it's extremely important to get the correct fit. We ended up leaving with a happy 4 year old and a happy mama! So much so that I scheduled an appointment for my 1 year old and myself for later this week. Highly recommended!

- Emily Nashea