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Young Athletes & Myopia Control | Conroe, TX

Kids Playing Ball Blue Sky 1280x853Is your young athlete active in sports?

Many children watch professional athletes strive to achieve perfection in their game. However, when young athletes consider their own abilities or chances at their own sport, they may give up or lose confidence due to poor vision. Some sports like football or hockey are nearly impossible to play with eyeglasses, and other sports will become difficult from the lack of good peripheral vision. Eyeglasses will interfere with your chances of making a score or catching a good pass.

When serious, young athletes begin to rely on their vision, they often turn to their parents for contact lenses. Although standard contact lenses correct vision and ultimately help a child build confidence & perform better, they do not slow or stop the progression of nearsightedness.

Once a child requires any prescription for their near vision, their vision will continue to worsen.

On average, children will lose 0.5 diopters every year.

By the time they are ready to start college, their near vision may have become so poor that their reaction time & agility will have suffered. Therefore, retaining healthy, natural eyesight is extremely important. Many young athletes will be able to retain their athletic skills and continue their endeavors even at a professional level.

Fortunately, myopia control will help your child stay at a low prescription and prevent further near vision loss. Any young athlete who strives to be the star player on their team will appreciate having healthy vision and avoid the need for LASIK surgery in the future.