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Using a flex benefits and health spending account on Myopia Control | Conroe, TX

Do you bring your child often to visit their eye doctor for an updated prescription? Eyewear costs can build up, and your child's vision hasn't improved. But, did you know that some eye doctors utilize soft multifocal contact lenses to slow the progression of nearsightedness?

Flex Benefits in Conroe, TXFor decades, the only form of vision correction that people knew about was laser vision correction or LASIK. However, through modern research, many young patients have started undergoing myopia control at our practice to keep their eyes healthy and clear — longer.

Not only are multifocal contact lenses 100% safe for young teens and even children, but they can improve confidence levels and performance..

Discover Healthy Eyes at Eyeland's Myopia Control Center

Slowing the progression of myopia in children and young teens will aim to keep their level of nearsightedness stable. Instead of dropping -1 diopters every 2-3 years or worse, myopia control can help slow or stop this cycle. This ensures healthier eyes for years to come as well as a lower risk for ocular diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Flex benefits or health spending accounts typically have an expiration date, which leads many families to feel rushed about deciding their eye care needs. We encourage our patients to schedule an eye exam or myopia control consultation early on so that they can learn about the available options to help their children's eyesight.

The ability to see clearly is precious, and our children's future relies on having good eyesight. Using your flex benefits for something special like myopia control is a worthwhile investment for the future.